Destiny Sequel Coming in 2017, Expansion This Year

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Destiny Sequel Coming in 2017, Expansion This Year

Post by Tattastic on Fri Feb 12, 2016 3:14 pm

Bungie has finally outlined the future of Destiny, following an extended period of relative silence regarding the direction of the series.

Speaking on, community manager Deej said that a full sequel to the sci-fi shooter RPG will be coming in 2017, following the release of an expansion at some point this year.

On the subject of the upcoming expansion, Deej elaborated by saying, “That content release will feature a significant Light increase, a bunch of new gear to earn and equip, and new challenges for PvE players seeking some more fun experiences and replayability.”

Whether you consider Destiny 2’s confirmed 2017 release to be a delay is largely down to perspective. It’s widely believed that a full sequel was planned to release this September, but that was never official stated by Bungie.

The “delay” news also confirms a rumour that circulated earlier this year, via Kotaku. That particular report also mentioned Destiny 2 featuring new area on Mars originally intended for The Taken King, as well as some worrying communication issues between the staff and the higher-ups at Bungie.

Destiny players have been crying out for an idea of where the series is going for months now, but the announcement was made largely for investors rather than the player base. Although Deej shared the info on ‘The Week on Bungie’, it was likely allowed because it was also included in Activision’s latest earnings report.

Earnings reports are intended to outline the company’s financial goings-on during the last financial quarter, while also painting a rosy picture of things to come for investors. The sequel and expansion mentions were made with that in mind.

The earnings report also painted a healthy picture of Destiny’s last quarter. Activision pointed to “record digital attach rates” for The Taken King (meaning a large number of Destiny owners also bought the DLC), as well as some very impressive numbers.

According to the publisher, Destiny now has over 25 million registered users, who have logged nearly 3 billion hours playing the game.



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