Greetings from Tattastic

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Greetings from Tattastic

Post by Tattastic on Sun Dec 27, 2015 10:52 pm

Real Name: Paul
Gamertag: Tattastic
Favorite Class: Hunter
Age: 30

So really a welcome from your Admin here at AoM, and a bit more information on me.

Well as you might get from my Gamertag, I am a big fan of Tattoo's and got quite a few myself. I have a staffy called Remmy, who is a bit of a dopey thing (you might hear from time to time in the background if we party up).

I started gaming on the Sega Master System, and was a Sega boy until their demise with the Dreamcast. I am a big fan of Indie titles along with the mainstream releases. Favorite game of all time is a toss up between Devil May Cry 3 or Spinter Cell Chaos Theory (I find it hard to chose between the two). Favorite game so far on the XBOX One has to be Destiny (hence being here and starting the group up with @heavytread).

I first got into Clan gaming with Socom II on the Playstation 2, and then moved on from there into a professional gaming clan on the XBOX 360 with Rainbow Six Vegas and Call of Duty 4, where we regularly appeared on X-League TV. Close to the end of this clan I moved on from professional/serious gaming and decided the time was right for fun/laid back gaming, and have been doing that since.

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