AoM Rules - Please Read

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AoM Rules - Please Read

Post by Tattastic on Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:15 am

We do not have a lot of rules around AoM, but we ask all of our members to abide by the following policies. Please take the time to read them.

[b]1. As a member of AoM, your online actions could have a negative effect on the opinion of the clan/group, so any members that bring AoM into distribute online by glitching, hacking, using modded controllers etc, will be dealt with how the admin and moderators.

2. We are only open to members who are 18 years and over, this is in order to keep the clan/forum for older gamers.

3. Personal attacks on other clan/group members will not be tolerated, be it on the forum, pm's, Xbox Live etc. Please note if you are victim to any of these, please to do not retaliate, just inform one of the staff members and we will deal with it from there (we will also let you know what action has been taken).

4. All posts must be written in English. AoM Admin and Moderators have the right to edit/delete posts they deem inappropriate (if this action is taken again you will be notified why).

5. Any posts of a political or religious nature with be removed as soon as they are spotted by AoM admin and moderators.

6. No spamming, advertising , pornography or NSFW content is permitted on the site

Thank your for reading Cool

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